The Iranian American Association of Memphis (IAAM) was established in 1999 by some of the Iranian residents in Memphis. IAAM was founded in order to promote, preserve, and enhance our rich Iranian culture. The goal was to educate and familiarize not only the second generation of Iranians born abroad, but also the American community to Persian culture, traditions, language, history, and its people.

From its inception, IAAM has been involved in numerous cultural and social activities. Some of IAAM’s achievements are celebrating the Iranian New Year annually, organizing Poetry Nghts, celebrating other Iranian cultural days such as Chahar-shanbeh-soori, Yalda Night party, and Seezdah-beh-dar. IAAM has also promoted and advertised Iranian gatherings at Shelby Farms, as well as establishing a one-time scholarship for a deserving student attending State Technical Institute of Tennessee (2002) in the name of the association. Above all, the biggest achievement thus far has been establishing the Farsi School to help preserve the Farsi language in our community among our children and adults.

We would like to thank each and every member who previously sat on the board, for all of their dedication in getting IAAM started in our community. We realize that without each of their hard work, time, and energy, IAAM would not have been what it is today.

Once again, we look forward to your ideas, suggestions, or concerns on how we can make things more successful, so, make sure you let us know via the telephone, a letter, or an e-mail.